Lemmings, Penguins, and Walruses Reviewed

My book group has been reading John Green's The Anthropocene Reviewed. Today we discussed the chapter on the opening of the film Penguins of Madagascar. As we were talking, I realized that nature documentaries and the way they are edited for dramatic effect, often at the expense of scientific accuracy, may be the most quintessential… Continue reading Lemmings, Penguins, and Walruses Reviewed

The ecology of mass shootings

I've been writing lately about connections between anthropocentrism, roadkilled animals, and violence. I've found some interesting material, including this timely piece. In March 2019 after the Christchurch mosque shooting, Rebecca Solnit wrote in an essay for the Guardian: I asked Hoda Baraka, who is both Muslim and 350.org’s global communications director, how it all looked… Continue reading The ecology of mass shootings