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Master of Arts, Liturgical Studies, Bethany Theological Seminary (Richmond, IN), 2011. (GPA 3.67) Thesis Committee: Dr. Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm, Dr. Ruthann Knechel Johansen, Dr. Malinda Berry. My thesis, entitled, Poetic Worship: The Renewal of Liturgical Language, presents a practical theology of liturgical language formulated primarily through concepts in theologies of liturgical language, literary theories of poetics, and biblical accounts of creation, language, and worship. Theories and texts engaged come from poets such as William Stafford, who said, “Church services are poetry from beginning to end. They just are poetry,” as well as Dana Gioia, Mary Oliver, and Naomi Shihab Nye. Liturgical scholars considered include Robert Webber, Sallie McFague, Gail Ramshaw, Don Saliers.

Master of Divinity, Ministry of Writing, Bethany Theol Sem, 2010. (GPA 3.71) Writing program through cross-registration with Earlham School of Religion (ESR). Related coursework: Aspects of Writing as Ministry, Writing as Public Ministry, Writing the Story, Writing for Publication, Writing Poetry, Poetry as Spiritual Practice, Theopoetics, Narrative Theology, Luke & the American Road Movie, Theology & Literature

Bachelor of Science, Religion major & English Writing minor, Manchester University (North Manchester, IN), 2006. (GPA 3.6) Graduated with Departmental Honors. Related coursework: Creative Writing, Expository and Critical Writing, Journalism I: Reporting, Journalism II: Editing, Literary Criticism, World Literature, Religious Literature. Also attended U of Pittsburgh, Harrisburg Area Community College, Johnson & Wales U.


Areas of Interest

William Stafford, Religion & Literature, Ecocriticism, Nineteenth Century American Literature, Transcendentalism, Romanticism, Poetry & Poetics, Memoir, Nature Writing, Nature Photography, Antiwar Writing, Pilgrimage Studies, Biographical & Historical Criticism, Archival Research, Theopoetics, Writing Process, Writing Workshop, Poetry Writing, Personal Nonfiction Writing, Teaching Current Events, Life as Teacher-Writer

Dissertation Research Questions

What are the literary, religious, and philosophical influences on the poetry and daily writing practices of 20th century American poet William Stafford? (e.g. Calvinism, Church of the Brethren, Quakerism, Pacifism, Transcendentalism, Romanticism, German Pietism) How do these influences, together with Stafford’s work, provide guidance for living within and challenging 21st century realities of continual war, ecological destruction, and social inequality?

Teaching Profile

Lecturer of Religious Studies and English, Manchester U (North Manchester, IN) Aug. 2017 to Present. Courses taught: Introduction to Religious Studies, Religions of East Asia, First Year Seminar Writing Lab

Associate Faculty of English, Ivy Tech Community College (Richmond, IN), Aug. 2011 to Present. Courses taught: English Composition, Exposition and Persuasion, Introduction to College Writing, Reading Strategies for College

English Instructor, Indiana University East (Richmond, IN), Aug. 2011 to May 2015. Courses taught: English Composition I, Principles of English Composition

Teaching Assistant, Bethany Theol Sem, Aug. 2009 to May 2010. Provided administrative assistance to Dr. Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm in Liturgical Studies courses


Writing Tutor, Ivy Tech CC, Aug. 2013 to Present

College-Level Essay Writing Tutor,, Nov. 2016 to Sept. 2017

Peer Tutor, Manchester U, Aug. 2004 to June 2006

Professional Development

Midwest Writers Workshop, Ball State U, 2018

United Sexualities & Genders Safe Zone Training, Manchester U, 2017

Adjunct Faculty Development Institute, Ivy Tech CC, 2017

CCCC Summer Conference, U of Cincinnati Clermont, 2017

Indiana Writing Project, Ball State U, 2015

FALCON (FACET’s Adjunct & Lecturer’s Conference), Indiana U, 2014

Accelerated Learning Program Conference, Ivy Tech CC, 2011

Ministry of Writing Colloquium, ESR, 2007-2011

Mennonite/s Writing Conference, Bluffton U, 2006

International Study

Celtic Spirituality in Iona (Scotland), Bethany Theol Sem, May 2009

Brethren & Anabaptist Religious Heritage Tour (Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands), Manchester U, June 2005 

Institutional Service

Faculty Advisor, Ivy Writing Circle, Ivy Tech CC, Aug. to Dec. 2015

Composition Committee, IU East, Aug. to Dec. 2014

Joint Chapel Committee, Bethany Theol Sem, Aug. 2008 to May 2010

Presidential Forum Planning Committee, Bethany Theol Sem, July 2007 to Mar. 2009

Faculty Search Committee, Bethany Theol Sem, July 2007 to May 2008

Community Service

Poetry Critique Group Facilitator, The Two Sisters: Books & More, (Richmond, IN), Apr. 2018 to Present

Creative Writing Workshop, Annual retreat of Concinnity Writing Group, Quaker Hill, (Richmond, IN), July 2018

Indiana Master Naturalist, Cope Environmental Center (Centerville, IN), 2016

Organizational Writing

Writer in Residence, On Earth Peace, Aug. 2007 to May 2008

Document Digitization

Scanned 38 issues of Bulletin of the Manchester Peace Studies Institute, Manchester U, 2005

Transcribed interviews of World War 2 Civilian Public Service workers, Manchester U, 2005


Archives Assistant, Manchester U, Apr. 2005 to Apr. 2006

Peace Studies Assistant, Manchester U, Aug. 2003 to May 2005

Program Assistant, Center on Conscience & War (Washington, DC), Nov. 2002 to Feb. 2003

Professional Memberships

Concinnity Writing Group, Friends of William Stafford, Poets & Writers Directory, Haiku Foundation Directory, Conference on College Composition & Communication, American Academy of Religion

Scholarly Journal Articles

“Ritual in the Dark: A Liturgy of Image & Text” with Craig Goodworth, Theopoetics, 1.2, 2015

“Salmoneus and the Poets: Poetry in a World of Violence” CrossCurrents, 60.1, 2010

“Every Time the World Ends,” Brethren Life & Thought, 51.4, 2006

Book review of Walker in the Fog: On Mennonite Writing by Jeff Gundy, Brethren Life & Thought, 51.3, 2006

Scholarly Citations

Chasing Immortality in World Religions, by Deborah M. Coulter-Harris, McFarland, 2016 (page 45). My CrossCurrents article, “Salmoneus and the Poets: Poetry in a World of Violence,” is cited in discussion of Zeus’ punishment for blasphemy.

Way to Water: A Theopoetics Primer by L. Callid Keefe-Perry, Cascade Books, 2014 (pages 157 to 164). A central portion of my Master’s thesis is described in depth in the chapter, “Theopoetics through Worship, Formation, and Service.”

Conference Presentations

“The Pilgrimage of Just Peace in the Poetry of William Stafford,” Presidential Forum, Bethany Theol Sem, Oct. 2015

“Vcela: A Theopoetic of Honeybees,” with Craig Goodworth, CIVA JUSTart Conference, Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL), 2014

“Ritual in the Dark: A Liturgy of Image & Text,” with Craig Goodworth, Theopoetics Working Group, American Academy of Religion (Chicago), Nov. 2012

“Lectio Poetica: Prayer through Poetry,” Sabbath Space Gathering, Bethany Theol Sem, Apr. 2011

“Salmoneus and the Poets: Poetry in a World of Violence,” Presidential Forum, Bethany Theol Sem, Mar. 2010

“The Grace of Goodly Speech: Theopoetics of Pilgrimage & Encounter in Celtic Wisdom Psalms,” Research essay presented at Presidential Forum, Bethany Theol Sem, Mar. 2009

“The Call to Critique: William Stafford as Anabaptist Poet,” Dean’s Student Scholarship Symposium, Manchester U, Mar. 2006


“Beyond What Columbus Discovered: Language & the Land in the Poetry of William Stafford,” with Craig Goodworth, Arden Hearth (Richmond, IN), Oct. 2012

William Stafford Symposium, Bethany Theol Sem, Mar. 2010 –

“Traveler, Robber, Priest, Samaritan: A Workshop on Creative Writing & Activism,” Bethany Theol Sem, Apr. 2008

Invited Lectures

“Theopoetics,” Trotwood Church of the Brethren (Trotwood, OH), Nov. 2017

“Poetry Beyond Peace,” Chapel, Manchester U, Sept. 2017

“NuDunker Chat: Worship & Authority,” NuDunker blog group, YouTube, Sept. 2014

“Ways to Use a Pocket Notebook,” Ivy Writers Circle, Ivy Tech CC, Apr. 2014

“Poetry Writing,” Dr. Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm’s Patterns of Worship course, Bethany Theol Sem, Oct. 2011

“William Stafford, Priest of the Imagination,” Dr. Scott Holland’s Theopoetics course, Bethany Theol Sem, Oct. 2009

“Ambiguity and Ambivalence in the Poetry of William Stafford,” Peace Forum, Bethany Theol Sem and ESR, Mar. 2007


Poetry reading, “An Afternoon with Writers,” with Jennie Kiffmeyer and Susan Yanos, The Two Sisters: Books & More, Mar. 2019

Poetry reading, with Craig Goodworth, Bethany Theol Sem, Jan. 2017

“Remember the Angels,” Poem commissioned for retirement of Dr. Ruthann Kenechel Johansen, President of Bethany Theol Sem, Feb. 2013

“Ritual in the Dark: A Liturgy of Image & Text,” with Craig Goodworth, Bethany Theol Sem & ESR Joint Chapel, Oct. 2012

Poetry reading, Dream Horse Press First Book Tour, with Kyle McCord and Keith Montesano, Clear Creek Food Co-Op (Richmond, IN), July 2010


“What Circling Vultures Tell the Dead” Zetetic, May 2016

“Luminous” Verbatim Found Poetry, May 2016

“honeysuckle gone” haiku in cattails, May 2016

“Wapinepay Heron” Topology Magazine, March 2016

weeding the garden—” The Heron’s Nest, June 2015

“The Drone” Clementine Poetry Journal, April 2015

“Winter Tracking” Clementine Poetry Journal, March 2015

“For We Do Not Know How to Pray” Winged: New Writing on Bees anthology blog, August 2014

“Al-Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad, March 2007” Brethren Life and Thought blog, June 2014

“Eastern Market Metro Station, Washington, DC” CrossCurrents, 60.1, 2010

“This is What Saves the Valley” CrossCurrents, 60.1, 2010

“She Stands, Still Weeping” CrossCurrents, 60.1, 2010 and DreamSeeker Magazine, Winter 2007

“What Prayer Is” Alba: A Journal of Short Poetry, January 2007

Self-Published Chapbook

Poems That Should Never be Read in Church, 2010


“From Within: Photographs (2015-2018),” Solo exhibit at Manchester U, Aug. 2018 to Present

Various awards and acceptance into juried group exhibitions including “Open Space: Art about the Land” at Minnetrista (Muncie, IN), annual shows at IU East, Richmond Art Museum, and Arts Association of Randolph County, 2015 to Present

Works in Anthologies

“1:29PM Richmond” (Photo), One Day in May: 24 Hours in the Life of Indiana, IU Press, 2016

“Jesus, My Companion” (Poem), Moments of Our Days and Nights, Wild Goose, 2014

“Some Beliefs About Mountains” (Poem), A Ritual to Read Together: Poems in Conversation with William Stafford, Woodley Press, Nov. 2013

“Asking the Right Questions” (Essay), Fresh from the Word: Devotions for the 300th Anniversary of the Brethren, Brethren Press, 2007

Self-Published Articles

“Daily Writing Made Easy(er),” Medium, July 2018

“Don’t Be a Writer, Just Write,” Medium, July 2018

“To Be a Writer, Stop Complaining on the Internet,” Medium, Feb. 2016

“Writer’s Notebooks for College Composition,” Indiana Writing Project, Scribd, June 2015

“The Place of Poetry in the Composition Classroom,” Indiana Writing Project, Scribd, June 2015

“Advice to Writers: College Composition Lesson Plan,” Scribd, June 2015